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fantasy adventure novelist, board game writer, author of Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road

News from Jason A. Holt

12 Jan: The Galaxy Trucker board game has been out for 10 years now. I posted a look back on how we did the rulebook at Board Game Geek.

05 Jan: The Through the Ages digital app won the Pocket Tactics Reader’s Choice Game of the Year. (They didn’t actually say what a great job I did editing the English-language tutorial, but you know, I’m sure it was implied.)

03 Jan: Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to 2018. CGE has a lot of great projects for me to work on again. I’ve got a novel or two that should be coming out. And I’ll be emerging from my lair to visit Protospiel Minnesota, MisCon, and GenCon. I hope to see you around!

21 Oct: Ready for Essen! I think the rulebook for Pulsar 2849 is the prettiest one we have ever done. You can check out all the games I worked on in 2018 at czechgames.com.

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