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fantasy adventure novelist, board game writer, author of Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road

News from Jason A. Holt

17 Oct: Rahdo likes the rulebook for Underwater Cities. Honestly, when someone says something nice about a rulebook I worked on, it makes me smile for the rest of the day.

12 Oct: Delicious Games has Underwater Cities ready for Essen. I’m glad the Suchýs asked me to help them with their rulebook.

19 Sep: Czech Games Edition has new games ready for Essen. I worked on all their rulebooks this year. We also revised the word list for Pictomania and I helped them make the English-language word list for Trapwords. It was a fun year!

09 Aug: Mindclash Games is now taking pre-orders for Cerebria. I’m glad I got to work on the rulebook for this beautiful game.

27 Apr: Fran and Wally have their own YouTube video. This was my first screenplay. Radim “Finder” Pech at CGE made it come to life.

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