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21 Dec: It always feels good to finish a first draft. Only half the work is done, but it’s the tougher half. I now have three novels in various stages of completion. Details (and probably novels) will be coming throughout the course of 2017.

18 Oct: Here’s Paul Grogan’s video overview of Adrenaline.

10 Oct: I’m back from the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous. I had a great time. Met lots of old and new friends and even got to try a few new games.

6 Oct: The Adrenaline Rulebook is up at BoardGameGeek.com. Now you can see what I’ve been working on the last two months.

Higomu faces down the Dupho city guards. Illustration by Kristina Gehrmann.

29 Sep: Higomu appears in a short story at Swords and Sorcery Magazine. You can read it now for free!

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