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fantasy adventure novelist, board game writer, author of Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road

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15 Sep: Through the Ages, Vlaada Chvátil’s amazing civilization-building card game, is now digital! I got to help with playtesting and with editing the English-language text.

06 Sep: I’ve got an article up on The Daily Worker Placement. Check it out if you’re interested in looking at NFL football from a game-design perspective.

22 Aug: I’m back from GenCon. It was great getting to meet so many people and show them cool games. Also, I got to sign a few books!

08 Aug: Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is now an ebook!

Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is now an ebook!

Cover illustrated by Tomáš Kučerovský.

24 May: If you want to know all about how I got the gig writing Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road you can check out an interview at JoinTheSaga.com.

28 Apr: You can find a sneak peek into the first chapter of Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road on CGE’s news page.

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