Galaxy Trucker

Cover illustrated by Tomáš Kučerovský.

Rocky Road

Fran thought that galaxy trucking would be her dream job. No one told her about the meteors on Route 135. Her trucks keep getting smashed to bits and now she’s deep in debt. Does she need a new route or a new career?

Maybe she just needs a friend.

Galaxy Trucker: Rocky Road is the sort of science fiction novel where a space truck can go faster than light, but a truck driver can still see traffic in her rearview mirror. This book has laser cannons! Space pirates! And oh so many meteors.

So buckle up for a ride with Francesca Flores and her alien possibly-soon-to-be-sidekick as they confront astronomical dangers in an attempt to deliver one load of sewer pipes.

Cover illustrated by Tomáš Kučerovský.

Double Trouble

Peter Bo Johnson wasn’t always two people. Back before the secret government project, he was just one happy trucker.

But there was an accident. Pete has been duplicated. And they can’t tell their wife.

Some problems a trucker can’t just drive his way out of.

Updated: 31 Oct 2023 — 12:40