Lunar Football League

Get the inside story from the sportswriter who went to the moon!

Cover for the book Lunar Football League by Jason A. Holt.

With over 2 billion viewers, the Lunar Football League is on its way to becoming the most popular sport in the world – an amazing feat for a sport played 384,000 km away. Linemen leap. Receivers soar. Defenders make tackles in midair!

For three seasons, LFL fans have waited for the inside story. Now we have it. A sportswriter embedded with the Fyzacom Dragons delivers a moon’s-eye view of intriguing stories from the 2119 season.

  • Meet Morse Kramer, the coaching genius who invented the aerial running game.
  • Discover the physics behind the first lunar sport.
  • Get the inside story on the drama between the Dragons and their quarterback, Zhifeng Wang.
  • And spend a season with hockey star Sheila Patel as she attempts to become the first woman to play football on the moon!

These stories and more, with detailed recaps of every Dragons game, told from a perspective never before seen in sports journalism. Get the inside story!

What is this really?
This is science fiction. But it’s not a novel. It’s a sports book about a game that can only be played in a dome built on the moon.

The sport, the players, the games, and the strategies are all made up. But if anyone ever does start a professional tackle football league on the moon, this is what it might look like. Come check it out!

Updated: 6 Apr 2020 — 09:14